As a politically engaged filmschool student, Ike Bertels saw a BBC-documentary about Mozambique’s liberation movement FRELIMO. She was touched by the image of three guerilla girls, her age, sitting in the grass, cleaning their rifles. They were risking their lives in a ten year liberation struggle against the Portugese colonisers. This image stayed with her: who were they? what had driven them to leave their families? what became of them?

Director Bertels traced them down – Monica, Amelia and Maria - and filmed them. First in 1984 – about ten years after this country’s Independence – then again in ’94. She gained their trust, became friends, and was invited to share the milestones in their lives. She became the outsider insider in Monica’s, Amelia’s and Maria’s world – all the time wondering what was happening with the ideals of the revolution. Were they indeed helping to shape the new Mozambican society?

Today, three decades after their first enounter, Bertels visits hem again. Now the guerilla grannies struggle with their next generations trying to find out how to live in a globalised world.