Mozambican Surprises 2

4 years, 6 months ago (comments)

It is 19.00. Everyone it still waiting for the Minister of Culture. He will open the festival after my ‘thank-you’- speech and then my film 'Vóvos da Guerrilha' will be shown as the 'ante-estreia', de 'avant-première'.


This is extra special because my very first show at this documentary filmfestival was DOCKANEMA's First Edition in 2006 (‘Treatment for Traitors’, here known as ‘Os Comprometidos’). That was in many ways a wonderful screening.

Now when the first images come up, I am shocked at the quality of the show. I feel suddenly very bad and have to get out. Weeping, I must admit. Dissapointed after all the work we had done to get it as beautiful as possible. The images looked totally bleached and therefor I was afraid it would be hard for people to get into the story.

I am sitting in the hall and soon realise that this is Mozambican reality too. There is no support from the government for cinema. As if they do not see how important that is. If this Minister that said he admired the festival so much could start to donate some good screens, some good projectors, this would make a hell of a difference.

Here, people also get in after 20 min. of the film. As they open the door I realize I hear people inside commenting, laughing. Curious I go in again quietly and seat myself in the back. And then I experienced a kind of magic: the audience reacts to losts of things. Especially the humour and wisdom of Amelia and Monica. And the quarrels between mothers and sons.