Mozambican Surprises 1

4 years, 6 months ago (comments)

 Today is the start of DOCKANEMA 7, the yearly documentary filmfestival in Maputo, Mozambique. Tonight - September 14th, 2012 – my latest documentary ‘Vovós da Guerrilla’ is invited to be the Openingsfilm.


 But before that exciting moment I am picked up ‘to be interviewed for tv’. In the car the director of the filmfestival, Leonardo Estrela, explaines to me that we’re invited in a very popular daily morning programme:‘Bela's Manhãs', Anabela’s show. Every Mozambican is familiar with this lady since she used to presented the National TV-News. Now she works for the commercial station MIRAMAR.

After a guard knocks at the main entrance of a colonial building (Portuguese) the door opens.  We stumble right into the scene. Behind Leandro’s back I trip over the cables of the tv-camera’s and try to push myself against the wall, since Anabela Adrianopoulos is in the middle of her show. She’s a very enthousiastic personality, completely at ease with all the different parts of her programme. She introduces the daily cook, a women that prepaires a spicy meal. She receives a young woman-singer who she likes, and she receives us.

But first there is an intercutting to some demonstrators outside the building who seem to know they’ll get attention form Anabella; it’s against unemployment. Anabella is also doing some commercials in between, with possibility to call-in for the ‘Guess-What-game’ to win the products.

It is extra-ordinary that I am offered a seat on her white leather bench. No idea what will happen. 

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