4 years, 8 months ago (comments)

I just received a text message from cousin Rajabo who lives on Amélia’s yard. He warned me that today – the 8th of August – will be the memorial of the departing of Avó, exactly 1 year ago. That was sad news during the editing of my film GUERRILLA GRANNIES. Avó was Amélia’s mother. Although we could only communicate in a very simple way, she always welcomed me with a big smile. This how I remember her best: quietly overlooking Amelia's court.


Since Amélia has a cell phone I can talk to her this afternoon. That is: if we are lucky and she has ligação (reach) in her home village, high up in the North of Mozambique. But I can already imagine her, preparing food in huge tin pots while smoking her cigaret and laughing with her brother Said.