GUERRILLA GRANNIES - How To Live In This World

a film by Ike Bertels


The world première at the 32nd Edition of the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht on September 30th was a great succes. A full house (nearly 200 people) and warm reactions.



Opening film at the 7th Edition of DOCKANEMA, the international documentary film festival in Mozambique on September 14th, 2012




Director/producer Ike Bertels, graduated from Brussels Filmschool (RITCS) in 1971 and has been making documentary films at home and abroad ever since. She set up an independent film production company in 1985, IKE BERTELS FILMPRODUCTIES/IBF, based in the Netherlands (Amsterdam).

Her stories often show courageous people who give their life a vital twist. Social & political themes on one hand - like the award-winning MOZAMBIQUE, TREATMENT FOR TRAITORS, WOMEN OF THE WAR, OVERSEAS - the Arts on the other, she is also fascinated by “the Dutch soul” (FAVOURITE DUTCH WRITERS, THE RIETVELD SCHROEDER HOUSE, THE DUTCH TROPICAL STYLE and THE ESCAPE).

Bertels was chair of the Dutch Documentary & Independent Film Association (DIFA, 1991-2001), the European Documentary Network (EDN, 2002-2006 ), is boardmember of the Dutch MEDIA Desk (since 2003) and the Dutch Directors Guild (DDG, since 2007).